About Us

Michael (Daddy)

I’m slightly annoyed that my look alike, didn’t have an option of a Northern Ireland shirt, so this one will have to do. They also didn’t have a mono-brow or grey whiskers… you know Nicola’s writing this don’t you.

I love Football #GAWA and travelling. I have been to 43 different countries, and now I’m bringing Nicola and Megan along for the ride.


Nicola (Mama)

Hi, I’m Nicola or 5000 times a day I’m also called MaMa!!!  As I write this I am 36 years of age, and have too many grey hairs.

I enjoy eating food, watching Netflix and sleeping… oh and I can’t forget wine and gin!

I don’t like football, but get dragged along to the games… Apparently just to buy the chips and queue for the beer!!!



Hi, I’m Megan. At the time of writing I’m 5 years old and going into P2 in August 2018.

I go to gymnastics and GB, very soon I’m going to join Castle Girls football team.

I have a golden Labrador called Geoffrey, he is 4.

My best friends are Rory, Brooke and Olivia.

I love going to watch NI play, my favourite players are Steven Davis and Corry Evans.



Hi I’m Geoffrey! I  love being part of the Lewis Family! 🐾

Megan is my favourite she always greets me in the morning with a big smile and hug, and sneaks me snacks when nobody is looking! She even forgives me for the time I ate every single one for her super hero dolls.

I love running for miles and miles around the park, chasing my ball.

When my lot go off on their travels, to god only knows where, I get to go to the number one spot for dogs, Whinney Hill Kennels! It’s my favourite place on earth, and I’m counting down the days to get back!