New York Yankees

I have always wanted to visit the iconic Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, New York. After looking at the fixtures we found that the New York Yankees were playing at home during our trip – result!.

Even better…tickets were on offer for Mastercard users and as my Revolut pre-paid credit card happens to be a  MasterCard, I was onto a winner..

At $21, for three tickets, who could refuse!

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Why You Should Travel With Kids

Why You Should Travel With Kids

One of the questions I get asked all the time is,  why do you bring your daughter on so many trips and visit so many countries? “She won’t remember any of it!”. “It’s too dangerous!”. “You can’t take her out of school again!”.

This blog post will explain the reasons why we enjoy travelling with our daughter and how we believe she benefits from it!

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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

When planning our trip to Thailand, and after hearing so much about animal exploitation and cruelty there, we wanted to make sure we paid a visit to a proper animal sanctuary.  A friend recommended the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT).  We decided to give it a go….

WFFT is a charitable organisation fully dependant on donations and income from their volunteer programme and tours.

The sanctuary offer a full day, or half day tour.  We opted for the full day tour, which included hotel transfers, an elephant walk and shower, and a buffet lunch. We paid 2,100 baht in 2016.


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Christmas Day Away – With Kids

Christmas Day Away

People think we are mad taking a young child away on holiday over the Christmas period. What about visiting family on Christmas day, Santa, Christmas dinner. Eastenders Christmas day special, they ask?

The aim of this blog post, is to show anyone considering having Christmas away from home, that it isn’t the end of the world for family back home. Santa can still pay a visit, everywhere we’ve been served food, and there’s always BBC iPlayer to catch up on ‘Who done it?’ .

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