Christmas Day Away – With Kids

Christmas Day Away

People think we are mad taking a young child away on holiday over the Christmas period. What about visiting family on Christmas day, Santa, Christmas dinner. Eastenders Christmas day special, they ask?

The aim of this blog post, is to show anyone considering having Christmas away from home, that it isn’t the end of the world for family back home. Santa can still pay a visit, everywhere we’ve been served food, and there’s always BBC iPlayer to catch up on ‘Who done it?’ .

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Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Snowy morning

Our visit to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum wasn’t planned. However, we were due to meet up with friends who live in Boston, and between us we had three kids under the age of five to entertain.  We woke up to ankle deep snow, therefore our outdoor plans were quickly cancelled.  We did a google search of what was available in the area, and the museum seemed like the best bet..

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Thailand Family Adventure – Longest Journey

During our trip around Thailand, we needed to get from Krabi to Hua Hin.  One option available was to fly to Bangkok, then make our way back down to Hua Hin, but where is the fun in that! We were on a family adventure, and the thought of the overnight train was an experience we didn’t want to miss.   I can’t recall how much this cost us in total, but it was definitely cheaper than flying.

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Family Night Out – New York Knicks

As soon as I booked our flights to New York I got straight down to the important bit … finding some sports to watch in the one and only, Madison Square Garden.  First thing I found was ice hockey, but as I work in a bank and don’t own one, that was out of the question!

My persistence paid off and I struck gold when I found some tickets for a family night out, to watch the New York Knicks. Tickets were not cheap, but we’re talking the Knicks in MSG – so in a couple of clicks, they were mine!

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