Family Travel!

So this is us….. Michael, Nicola, Megan and not forgetting Geoffrey. We’ll show you your journey around the world doesn’t end when you have kids, it begins!

We have started this blog to document our aim as a family to show Megan the world. We want to visit 99 different countries as a family before she turns 18, at the time of starting this blog she is 5, so you’re going to get to know us pretty well!

Before Megan was born we read a lot of lists and blogs about places to visit before you have kids… and yes if she hadn’t of been born we may very well be living in Australia now, but we want to challenge those that think travelling is something to do while you’re at uni, certain places are ‘off limits’ with kids and just show the adventure should never end.

Thank you for reading and I really hope we can help you see the world.

How many countries visited

22 with many more to come.


Off to England