New York Yankees

I have always wanted to visit the iconic Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, New York. After looking at the fixtures we found that the New York Yankees were playing at home during our trip – result!.

Even better…tickets were on offer for Mastercard users and as my Revolut pre-paid credit card happens to be a  MasterCard, I was onto a winner..

At $21, for three tickets, who could refuse!


New York Yankees ticket


The stadium is at 1 E 161st St Bronx NY 10451

How To Get There

We took the 4 line from Grand Central out to the Yankees Stadium. It was very easy, as there was plenty of game day staff on hand in Grand Central to point us in the right direction.

At the other side, we couldn’t miss the stadium! It sits above everything else in the area.

Around The Stadium

We arrived a bit earlier than expected, and luckily got the chance to visit Pinstripe Collectables store on River Avenue, to buy a top for Megan. Not knowing a single player, she got advice from the shop assistant, and went for Judge’s name and number on the back of her top.

New York Yankees fans bar

The “Dugout” bar on River Avenue, seemed to be the place to go for a beer, so in we went. The bar was getting pretty busy, but thankfully the doormen pointed us to the back bar which was a lot quieter for Megan to enjoy the build up, but not get overwhelmed.  She had great fun dancing to the music, and watching old re-runs of previous games to  get her in the mood!

Feeling a bit hungry, and wanting to avoid the prices inside the Stadium, we decided to eat local and walked up towards the Joyce Kilmer Park. We found a place named Court Deli, which if you’re in the area, I fully recommend!

The Deli was filled with both Yankees fans and locals, to be honest we were the only tourists in the place which is always a good sign in my eyes.

There was so much to choose from, but we fancied burgers, and they did not disappoint. Megan enjoyed her ‘New York Chips’. The full menu can be found here.


The main entrance is  just below the subway exit.

New York Yankees stadium

However, this entrance was bunged, so we got sent back down River Avenue, to enter via Gate 8. If you are in the bleachers this will be the best entry.

Going in this way meant we got to walk the concourse and see all the goings on, and believe you me there was plenty.  The Stadium had lots of different types of food or drink on offer, and all the usual merchandise.


Our seats were located in the back of the top tier.  I was a bit worried that we would have to walk, but there was a lift which took you most of the way up.  Just ask one of the stewards and they will point you in the right direction.

We stood about a bit and enjoyed a beer, listening to the baseball fans talk around us, while Megan people watched from the balcony, and posed for a few photos.

The Game

We took our seats, ready to enjoy the atmosphere, and the amazing view. Then sadly it was announced, that due to rain, the game was delayed!

At this stage it was getting cold, and even though we were under shelter, the rain was still finding it’s way in.

Regrettably, after an hour we made the call to leave.  Later we found out the  delay lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes.  There was no way Megan would have waited that long in the cold, therefore sadly, it was the right call.  It was an enjoyable experience nonetheless, we will go back again and hopefully get a game.

Top tips

1. The weather can be so sporadic in New York, so book your tickets with caution.

2. Hunt down cheap tickets, not many sporting events anywhere can you get 3 tickets for under $25.


Thanks for reading about our trip to the New York Yankees.


The Lewis Family.

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